New York University

“Who knew that the tiny stage of The Black Box on NYU campus could hold the singing and dancing chorus of the court of King Arik and his daughter the Princess Barbara, as well as New York subway car filled with strap-hanging Manhattanites all wondering ‘who is she,’ as they contemplate the blonde in a sequined gown standing in their midst? The students of Steinhardt do a fine job with the 3 one-act musicals that make up The Apple Tree, culminating in the wonderfully comic ‘Passionella’.”

“The singing by all is wonderfully fine. The ensemble makes this an unexpectedly big musical in this intimate production. The scene design and costumes were surprising, and they both add further professional polish to the engaging performances.”

“There's no question that it will win your heart, and you're liable to find yourself watching it with a beaming smile on your face. For less than the price of a first-run movie, New Yorkers can experience a wonderful piece of musical theatre by Bock and Harnick and the students of Steinhardt that is rarely done in Manhattan. Go.”

José –

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