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BWW Reviews: ‘The Andrews Brothers’

“There are a few things in musical theatre that can always guarantee a strong audience response: cute animals, children, dancers doing trenches…and men in ‘bad’ drag. Don't let the word ‘bad’ fool you. By ‘bad’ I mean only that the Brothers in context of the show are not supposed to pass for women; it's their fumbling and bumbling that make the show what it is. And, on that note, it is important to touch on a few things. It takes a great singer to pretend to sing badly. Similarly, these boys have to be pretty great at what they do to make "messing up" look convincing. And let me tell you, they ARE great.”

Gary John La Rosa's direction and choreography are clear, concise and hilarious. He gives the boys choreography that he knows will look awkward when they are dressed as the Sisters, but are more than capable of performing when they are in their own clothes. He illustrates and establishes, beyond a doubt, that we are in the mid '40's, and that these gentlemen are not used to performing every day; a tribute to his direction, and the talent of these three men.”

“The boys. Perhaps the biggest and most important compliment I can give them is something that was often said about the real-life Andrews Sisters: they often sound like a single voice. Their seamless singing, harmonizing and part-switching is not an easy accomplishment…”

“If you are looking to step back into a simpler time and hear some of your favorite songs sung near perfectly, and be entertained and laugh to the point of crying, look no further than the Arundel Playhouse's triumphant opening to their 16th season, The Andrews Brothers.”

Scott Moreau –

A treat at Arundel Barn

“That this is a show and not merely a revue, the credit rightly goes to director/choreographer Gary John La Rosa.”

“This show also demonstrates that one needn’t have big production numbers, expensive stage illusions, etc. to entertain. All one needs are talented performers who are put through their paces by a gifted director. These are all in evidence in this show which runs at Arundel through June 29.”

Morton Gold – Journal Tribune

‘Brothers’ a delightful drag

“The 1940s have come alive at the Arundel Barn Playhouse.”

“Through Roger Bean's "The Andrews Brothers," at Arundel Playhouse through June 29, audience members are taken on a musical journey filled with songs that make you want to bop in your seat, slapstick comedy that makes you laugh so hard your cheeks hurt, and old-fashioned romance.”

“As the three boys unabashedly sport heels, wigs and sparkling dresses, and try to deal with all it takes to perform as women, the hijinks of men in drag undoubtedly ensue, all among some catchy musical numbers like ‘Rum and Coca Cola’ and the familiar ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ and ‘Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive.’”

“The show makes for an evening of great comedy and for a woman in the audience, it's fun to see those three gents figure out what us gals already know — dresses can be hard to pull off, and high heels not only hurt your feet, but are nearly impossible to dance in.”

Jennifer Feals – York County Coast Star

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