Westchester Broadway Theatre, Elmsford, NY

Camelot is Euphoria

“…If in your heart of hearts you harbor these reservations, then call the Westchester Broadway theatre for reservations to its revival running through July 3. Thanks to some innovative staging, one cut song, and some real good talent, it's as good a production as you could hope to find. Gary John La Rosa delivers a lean, trim, yet still lush Camelot that is not only good at top layer but down to the last supernumerary.”

“How does Mr. La Rosa keep his Camelot under three hours? He paces the show splendidly and cut 'Take Me to the Fair.' You'll never miss it. Nor should you miss this production. Like Camelot itself, it's almost Euphoria.”

E. Kyle Minor – The Record-Review

Westchester's Camelot Entirely Wonderful Camelot a Winner in Westchester

“It may be true, as we are often reminded, that they don't write musicals the way they once did. But who cares when revivals show up with the grain-true character, festivity, and brilliance of color that Camelot now has at the Westchester Broadway Theatre in Elmsford.

I confess it is not always with an eager heart I go to revivals of the show in fear of plodding pageantry and singsong vocalizing. What a treat then to find the superb cast of WBT's Camelot dressed to the nines and ready to give full measure to the saga of King Arthur and the Round Table.

The sensitive hand of director/choreographer Gary John La Rosa is apparent throughout; the engrossing tale of knighthood and the love triangle of Arthur, Queen Guenevere and Lancelot unfolds as if brand new.

This is one of the most dazzlingly beautiful shows at Elmsford in many moons. And – praise be – one with a noble heart and message.”

Chesley Plemmons – The News-Times, Danbury CT

Tale of knights and chivalry stays fresh today

“The musical Camelot with its tales of chivalry and Knights of the Round Table in Britain remains as fresh and enjoyable today at the Westchester Broadway Theater in Elmsford, N.Y. as the production that opened on Broadway 40 years ago in 1960 and captivated audiences for years.”

“…kudos to Gary John La Rosa, who directed and choreographed this production…”

“…a delightful evening at the theater.”

“Make it a must to see this wonderful production which is the 155th production to play at the Westchester Broadway Theater in more than 25 years.”

Kappy Kapner – The Suburbanite

Once again, there is a spot known as Camelot

Gary John La Rosa's production at WBT finds all of the romance in this most romantic of musical comedies.”

La Rosa doesn't exactly have sprightly dance music to work with here, but choreographs the competent and versatile ensemble to use the thrust stage in imaginative ways."

“The WBT production will please anyone with fond memories of past Camelot productions.”

Marshall Fine – The Journal News

Westchester's Camelot is enchanting

“Political intrigue, the rise and fall of kingdoms as well as toe-tapping melodies make the Westchester Broadway Theater's production of Lerner and Loewe's Camelot a must see musical.”

Daniel Gesslein – Bronx News

Regional Roundup - Westchester/Rockland

"Elmsford's Westchester Broadway Theatre approaches perfection with Camelot, running through July 3. Director Gary John La Rosa delivers a lean (under three hours with a thirty-minute intermission), yet still lush Camelot that is good from top to bottom.”

Backstage – New York, NY

Boogie Knights

“…This production is excellent in every way…One number I particularly loved was 'The Lusty Month of May' which showcased the excellent choreography and direction of Gary John La Rosa. As the lords and ladies of Camelot delivered this song, frolicking at a picnic in the English countryside, I really was delighted!…So suspend your disbelief and surrender to the world of Camelot. Allow yourself to be delighted!”

Susan Jennifer Polese – The Westchester County Weekly

Camelot Reigns at Westchester Broadway

“…Once again the production values at the Westchester Broadway Theatre are first rate. Director and choreographer Gary John La Rosa has made the most of the thrust stage and revolving platforms to enhance the creative set design. Mr. La Rosa's pacing is also sensitive to the materials. …an opulent Camelot…this is theatre at its very best.”

Don Collester – Fifth Row Center, Journal America

Camelot – Westchester Broadway Theatre

“The legend of King Arthur has thrilled people for centuries… its great appeal is very much in evidence in the current production at the Westchester Broadway Theatre in Elmsford, New York."

“…and Gary John La Rosa's staging and choreography all contribute to a first-rate evening of theatre.”

Robert Hirschfeld – TravelHost Spotlight

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