Montclair Musical Theatre, NJ

‘Annie’ Shines With Talent, Style

“The well-loved musical Annie is currently being performed in grand style by Montclair Musical Theatre, getting the 2001-02 season off to a rollicking good start.”“Under Director/Choreographer Gary John La Rosa, the cast of this wonderful show shines off the stage like the top of the Chrysler building, delivering a solid package of entertainment suitable for the whole family.”

La Rosa has delivered one excellent show after another over the last several seasons and, Annie stands among them proudly. In the energy of the performances, the style of the production values and the overall tone of the show, Annie shines with the vibrance of a comic strip, while still remaining true to the principles of quality musical theater.”

Bill Van Sant – Essex Journal

MOC Recreates Award-Winning ‘Annie’ With Style and Grace

“MOC has once again picked a winner and gleefully run with it. The large, splendidly prepared ensemble…maintains those high musical standards we have come to expect from this venerable institution.”

Gary John La Rosa is again directing and choreographing, and his expert hand and unerring sense of style energizes the entire proceedings. Impeccable production values, always an MOC bonus, are evident in abundance. The show looks terrific.”

Naomi Siegel – The Item

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, OK

“Over the years, however, I have attended so many productions of the show that I have honestly lost exact count. Therefore, I was less than enthusiastic when I learned that Oklahoma’s Lyric Theatre would be resurrecting it again as part of their 2004 summer season. But I must say now, after witnessing Lyric’s latest incarnation of the revered little cartoon character with the hollow eyes, that I am happy they did. It is by far the best version I have ever seen. It also marks a return to form for this historic musical theatre company.”

“Lyric’s 3rd offering of the summer season was the complete package. Also director/choreographer Gary John La Rosa had the entire cast on their toes and in their proper spaces."“Beth Leavel portrayed a Miss Hannigan, administrator of the orphanage, for the ages. Leavel’s Hannigan was far and above the most definitive portrayal of this crazy character yet. Annie was definitely a triumph for Lyric. Congratulations to Lyric on a show well done.”

Russ Pollock – The Gayly Oklahoman

Lyric’s ‘Annie’ Abounds With Talent

“…’It’s the Hard Knock Life,’ features Annie and the Orphans. What a rousing, rollicking, crowd-pleasing number this turned out to be.”

“…wakes up the audience and sets the stage for the energy filled musical that is still to come.”“Left alone to shine by director and choreographer Gary John La Rosa…”

“…a nice classical touch for a beloved musical. It has lost none of its soul enhancing appeal.”

Johnnie-Margaret McConnell – Norman Transcript

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